Helping DTC and SaaS fitness companies grow recurring revenue through email marketing strategies designed to combat churn.

Most days I’m just trying to blend in like a normal person

You and I want the same for your customer lifecycle.

︎ Decreased churn

︎ Increased lifetime value

Email marketing drives LTV and reduces churn better than any other digital channel.

Pound for pound, email marketing is the most powerful tool in your marketing toolbox. In fitness, performance matters.

Fitness is changing exponentially, which means there is a lot for your prospects and existing customers to sample out there.

The word competitive fails to grasp what is unfolding. Getting in early and staying in matters now, and will matter more as matters progress.

Your fitness business... 
should be marketed by a fitness professional.

Larry Schneider
Regional Director Crunch Fitness
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Damon for over a decade beginning as a direct report in club and progressing to a peer as a multi unit leader.

What impressed me most was his immediate understanding of not only our business but our people, clients, and customers, which undoubtedly propelled his success and career.

A few teams I’ve worked with


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