1 | Assets & Agreements

Timeline: 48-72 hours

After we Zoom-shake on the scope of work, I’ll draft a Statement of Work. Once you return it signed, I get to work.

Most of my agreements are paid upfront.

Exceptions might include, but are not limited to, large scopes in excess of 30 emails or anything where the work exceeds two weeks of effort.

In such cases, I can take 50% down and then bill you a prorated amount for any emails in the feedback stage around the two-week mark.

At the same time as I send the scope, I’ll also want to tie up the following loose ends.

☑️ Collect any necessary assets that remain uncollected. 

☑️ Requests for access to marketing tech that I need.


︎ Statement of Work signed by both parties

︎ Confirmation that I have what I need to begin

︎ Set up a Slack channel. (If you don’t have one, I’ll add you to mine.)

︎ I’ll also set up a Google Drive folder

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