❷ Voice Development

Timeline: 2-4 weeks

This isn’t a creative project. It’s a data-driven one. We’re looking for the qualitative sort, not the quantitative sort.

This step depends on what you have and what we need. Sorting out as much of this as we can as efficiently as we can is necessary to begin work worth doing.

As I see it, skipping this work would be foolish.

These are the starting points we need to define before I can start writing copy that appeals to your target audience.

1. Who exactly is that audience?
2. What’s their One Big Problem and how do they talk about it? (Voice of Customer)
3. How do we want to sound? (Brand voice)

This work will also inform other outlets for copy, like SMS, social media, and site copy.

At the very least, we need to define your main persona or avatar. And we get that from research.

This valuable research forces us to slow down more than we want to, but it’s necessary to produce copy worth shipping.  

All of this in hand, I’ll roll up my sleeves to bang out that email copy.


︎ Voice and Tone Packet (Analysis of the market & recommended V&T)

︎ VoC packet (based on online research, surveys, interview data)

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