2 | Assets

Timeline: Same as step one

This step depends on you a tiny bit. Sorting out as much of this as we can is necessary to begin the work.

I’ll send you an email at the same time as I send the scope. That email will request the necessary information to get started.

In short, I’ll be looking to define these details.

1.  The audience
2. One Big Problem
3. How we want to talk to them
4. Why? What we want them to do

We need to know who we’re talking to. In persona terms, we’re looking for that most valuable avatar.

We need to know their biggest pain point as it pertains to what we’re trying to solve. I call that their One Big Problem.

We have to agree on the voice we’ll use. Aggressive? Maternal? Coach? Something else? A voice and tone doc is instructive. Examples from brands you like can work too.

And, we have to know why. With each email, what do we want them to do? Even if it’s to digest helpful information. Fine.

This email will also include any requests for access that I need. We will want to set up a Slack channel. If you don’t have one, I’ll add you to mine.

All of this in hand, I’ll roll up my sleeves. It’s copywriting time.


︎ Confirmation that I have what I need to begin

︎ I’ll also set up a Google Drive folder

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