Phase 1 | Audit

Sounds scary, huh? It’s not. 

Yes, it’s necessary. I have to take a look at your current emails. I have to dig in before putting pen to paper. It‘s the only way forward.

Relax, I promise I’ll be gentle.

From start to finish this takes about two weeks. It goes like this.

We open a contract.

This is the easy-but-necessary part. I’ll send over a contract to get started on the audit. The sooner you sign and return it, the sooner I can dig in. 


I get busy researchin’.

I’ll need access to your Email Service Provider (ESP) and anything else that might help me understand the plan in place. 

At the very least, I’ll review your emails with a fine-toothed comb, a white cotton glove, and my trusty clipboard.

You receive a deliverable.

Within two weeks, you’ll receive a couple of deliverables: A video account of what I’ve found, and my detailed recommendations of what to do next.

You and your whole team can review that video as much as you want. It’s yours forever.

We review.

After you’ve had sufficient time to watch it, we’ll have a chat to address any questions you might have.

By all, I mean the royal us as in you, me, and the team members who would contribute the most.

That way I can clear up any questions you might have, bringing everything into crystal clear focus for you.

We'll discuss next steps and if you'd like to keep going I'll give you my best ballpark for the next phases of the project.

If you’re on board, I’ll send over a Statement of Work and invoice for your approval.

Once I have the Statement signed and 40% down, we’ll move on to the next phases...


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