Hi there.

I’m Damon.

Once upon a time, I ran corporate gyms. I’ve even run a few of my own businesses, like a pizzeria in Costa Rica.

These days emails are my thing.

I’m a strategist with the heart of a copywriter, the storytelling sort. You might call me a lifecylce specialist or a CRM maestro. I’ve been called worse.

Call me what you will, I shine in the aspects of email marketing that grow your average customer lifetime value and decrease your churn.

This is how I do it.

— Damon

Would we be a good fit?

The center of my bullseye is DTC and SaaS fitness companies, especially when recurring revenue is part of the model. 

When I say fitness, please include wellness so long as we’re sticking to the established end of the definition. That includes meditation and supplementation so long as the science supports our claims.

Nothing against the power of crystals and energy healing, I’m a stronger promoter when the science behind the brand is replicable.

1 | Assessment

To make a plan, we must first understand what is necessary.

This phase can be a standalone if you want to do the work yourself. 

︎ Little to nothing in the email department? I’ll dive into your CRM and whatever you have in the way of emails, transactional, lifecycle and promotional emails. I’ll also want to look at any voice and tone documentation you have.

︎ None of that? We can start with a strategy call.

︎ Program in place, but dissatisfied? We’ll start with an audit of your current email program.


︎ Review deck with video explainers

︎ 90-day prescriptive plan of attack

2 | Voice Tuning

In any discussion, at least two voices must be present.

This is like Assessment, part 2. As such, with every round of the process, we’ll always want to hone the aspects of ongoing and critical research this step provides.

We should be answering two questions:

︎ How can we refine our understanding of the customer’s voice (VoC)?

︎ What tweaks would hone the brand voice to better connect with VoC pain points? 

This insight we often gather through some kind of survey, formal or casual. It may also include data we’ve collected as part of a recent email sequence. It may be good old fashioned calls.


︎ Collected and coded data

︎ Call video, audio and transcripts

︎ Jobs outline

︎ Review call if warranted

3 | Strategy

The plan will serve you best when it eases the most pressing pains of your customers first.

Where does the plan begin? It really does depend. Every company is different, but there are general starting points worth mentioning. 

We, as in you and I, will drive top-line strategies first if there’s an urgency for that, but my default is to work from the bottom up. That means focusing on foundational emails first, the same place where customers and leads begin. We shore up lead nurturing and welcome sequences, before getting into emails that capture abandonment, win-back and cross-sell.

The gold, however, is how we engage your customers in recurring revenue. Everything should lead to that growing tap of gold.

=We agree on what makes sense, and then I will send you a workflow of those emails. We’ll cover any concerns, make any adjustments, and then it’s action time.


︎ Proposal of which emails and why

︎ Workflows once approved

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