Hi there.

I’m Damon.

Once upon a time, I ran corporate gyms. I’ve also owned a few businesses of my own. Including a pizzeria in Costa Rica.

These days?

Owned (or leased) media copywriting is my thing. I write the conversion copy that frees strategists to focus on what they do best.

They strategize. And then? They just want to skip ahead to measure the results.

As one who’s been a strategist, I can attest. The struggle is real. 

Copywriting happens to be the part I love most. So I came up with a cheesy stuffed crust solution.

— Damon

︎ | Connection

If we’ve never met before, we should connect. We can compare war stories. Talk about our favorite color. That sort of thing.

Just wanna get the convo started?

Start it, Damon

Or simply read on about how I work...

For the record, I’m happy to be as client-facing as you want me to be. But, you will be the one I default to when questions arise that I can’t answer.

Ultimately? You’ve gotta trust me for this to work. Hopefully, you also like me.

So we don’t use our discovery call reviewing my process, peep this short walkthrough first. There is a prompt for you to book a call at the end.

Meanwhile, this is how events generally unfold:

1 | Agreement

Timeline: 48 hour turnaround at most

After we Zoom-shake on the scope of work, I’ll draft a Statement of Work. Once you return it signed? I get to work.

Most of my agreements are pay upfront.

Exceptions might include, but are not limited to large scopes in excess of 30 emails, where the work exceeds two weeks of effort.

In such cases, I can take 50% down and then bill you a prorated amount for any emails in the feedback stage around the two-week mark.


︎ Statement of Work signed by both parties

2 | Assets

Timeline: Same as step one

This step depends on you a tiny bit. Sorting out as much of this as we can is necessary to begin the work.

I’ll send you an email at the same time as I send the scope. That email will request the necessary information to get started.

In short, I’ll be looking to define these details.

1.  The audience
2. One Big Problem™
3. How we want to talk to them
4. Why? What we want them to do

We need to know who we’re talking to. In persona terms, we’re looking for that most valuable avatar.

We need to know their biggest pain point as it pertains to what we’re trying to solve. I call that their One Big Problem.

We have to agree on the voice we’ll use. Aggressive? Maternal? Coach? Something else? A voice and tone doc is instructive. Examples from brands you like can work too.

And, we have to know why. With each email, what do we want them to do? Even if it’s to digest helpful information. Fine.

This email will also include any requests for access that I need. We will want to set up a Slack channel. If you don’t have one, I’ll add you to mine.

All of this in hand, I’ll roll up my sleeves. It’s copywriting time.


︎ Confirmation that I have what I need to begin

︎ I’ll also set up a Google Drive folder

3 | First Pass

Timeline: Over the course of 2-3 days, max

To you, your client or both, I’ll send the first pass on the copy as applied to the first email.

The standard scope includes two revisions on the work. This first round, though? We’ll stay on these revisions until we’ve nailed it.

Once we get a thumbs up on the voice and tone match, I’ll start cranking out the rest as outlined in the scope.


︎ One email with a solid version of the voice and tone

 Damon Re Mitchell © 2021