Want to reach new prospective members and keep existing members longer?

You: Um, yeah? HECK YEAH.

Great. I've launched a FREE 7-day course to help you.

Yes, it's really free.

It will always be free.

You: How can you do that, Damon?

Because (sadly) many gym operators will just go back to what they are comfortable with. They won't adapt.

They'll come knocking later when they need help.

You: I can adapt.

Awesome. Then, you're ready.

Announcer: Tell them what they've won, Damon...

These are the subjects you will master:


Key differences onboarding online versus in-house leads


Reaching beyond your market & enrolling a new type of perspective member


Retaining enrollments longer than 180-days


Staying outta the spam bin


Texting cannot replace email; what you can do about it

You'll have a gym full of members.

Not only is the course free, when you join my team, you'll be cued up to receive the next level course... also FREE.

You: Why listen to you, Damon?

Three reasons...

Certified Copywriter


10+ Years Running Gyms


6+ Years Copywriting for Ecommerce

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