3 Diet Mistake Your Clients Make

LinkedIn Pulse, 2014

There’s a lot more to good habits than your behaviors. If you haven’t checked out Charles Duhigg’s “The Power of Habit,” I strongly suggest picking up a copy.

Our client’s ability to change their habits is everything. We toil in coaching only watch them make the same bad choices over and over. We cram them into our lifestyle in hopes they’ll stay. They don’t. We offer them diets to follow. They wander off. Ask any trainer what their long-term client success is, and find a trainer with excuses.

It’s frustrating. They aren’t us, and they won’t turn into us on just a little good advice. That said; don’t stop with the good advice. It’s still worth every breath. If you want to stop something, take a look at these three things you must get your clients to stop doing right now.

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