How my pricing works

Either from an audit or active collaboration, I will recommend 3 pathways for your needs any time we have more work to complete. This list give you an idea of how I price key aspects of the process. When bucketing them into packages, I will incentivize more detailed plans with discounts.


︎ Strategy requires a diagnosis: Audit
︎ Copywriting requires a roadmap: VoC and/or V&T, depending

Core Services

Email Copy:

ESP Audit:
Up to 15 emails, video walkthrough, my notes & recos

Voice of Customer (VoC): $2,875

Brand Voice & Tone (V&T): $1,425

Strategy: +30% to total agreement

+30% to total agreement

Additional Services

Lead capture: $990
Strategy, all copy, up to 3 forms, confirmation email, and one landing page

A/B tests
of sender names, subj/prev, CTAs: +10% per email

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