Day Rates - For when your needs don’t exactly fit into my normal scope.

In any case, we will start the day by jumping on a quick call to confirm the goals for the day, and we’ll end with another call to wrap up, identify next steps and cover whatever else we need to cover.

Half Day - $590

Because sometimes you only need a little Damon.

A half day could involve these activities...

  • Implement a handful of emails or a  series (up to 3 emails).
  • Strategy call; recorded.
  • Rewrite copy (up to 3 emails).

Full Day - $990

When a little Damon simply won’t do.

A full day could involve these activities...

  • Write and implement a handful of emails or a series (up to 3 emails).
  • 1 promotional campaign.
  • Voice of Customer calls & research.

Not sure what’s right for your needs? Let’s jump on a 20-minute call to figure it out together.

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