DAMON RE MITCHELL | email strategist

Certified copywriter writing emails that help gyms grow their monthly recurring revenue.

Most days he’s just trying to blend in like a normal person.


Every gym operator knows there are two ways to grow your dues tap...

1) Get new dues.

2) Keep existing dues.

Both are critical to your long-term success.

I develop your email strategy to enroll more leads, and keep more paying members.

That’s how you grow your tap without lifting a pen.

You’re just gonna love what I do with your emails. 

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What I actually do is simple, but not easy.

Get new members

An audit of your existing emails allows me to discover what is working and what is missing.

By segmenting your leads and targeting those who prefer email to calls, I’ll give them everything they’ll need to get into the gym.

Keep existing members

Enrollment isn’t the end of the story; I’ll make sure your new members have what they need to stay engaged.

Work with your site management team to identify members who’ve slowed down or disappeared, then target them with re-engagement efforts. 

“Damon brought a level of professionalism and knowledge that was severely lacking in our team and previous approaches to email marketing. His creativity drove effective email campaigns with great results.”

— Andy Ahrens | CEO of Zavko

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