How Gym Owners Should Think About Email Marketing Right Now

Let's do a little free word association with email marketing as far as how it relates to the fitness business. When I say email marketing, what do you think of?

1) Spam
2) Selling stuff 
3) And writing

It’s great that you don't want to be a spammer. Spammers are jerks.

There's a really easy way to avoid like 90% of the spammer pain. And that's to get a double opt in when people join your list, forced them to go all the way back to their inbox and click a little button that says, “Heck, yeah, I want to be on this super sweet list.”

Then you just hold up your end of the bargain. Don't email the people on your list a bunch of crap, like endless promotional emails.

Speaking of selling them stuff... if all you're shipping is those promotional emails, a la, “Hey, buy this new supplement we're carrying. We're selling kettlebells you can take home water weights and the Nordic track.”

Um, don't do that.

There's a time and a place to sell. But just like in real life, you have to earn the right to sell. So your email marketing should start with the nurture sequence that you build for new leads into your system. And then yeah, there's a writing aspect to it.

Here's the good news. Nobody has ever won a Pulitzer Prize for email marketing. God knows I’ve tried.

At the end of the day, your voice is what matters the most the people that would join your gym. They’re super interested in what you have to say as the owner.

Now, they might be interested in maybe like a co owner or the person who's in charge of your your fitness department or something like that. That’s fair and worth investigating. But, ultimately, they want to hear from the voice of the gym. You're that person. You're the person that should be the voice.

Understand, I'm skimming the the surface of these concerns but there's so much opportunity with email marketing to take off your plate things that you're working on that aren't necessarily directly making money for you.

In this newly minted digital world post-pandemic — we're not really post-anything because we're still making our way through it — email marketing should absolutely be at the forefront of your digital marketing plan.

If you have any questions about that, like how to make it happen, I want to hear about them. Email me. DM me on Instagram. Send me smoke signals. 

 Damon Re Mitchell © 2021