Plea for Lead Nuture Sequencing

Confession time. I like to check out the websites of gyms. What I'm going there specifically to check out is what are they doing as far as nurture sequencing? What I find is, from my perspective, a little bit concerning. Almost no gyms have any kind of lead nurture sequence in place.

There are a lot of reasons that that's problematic.

For starters, it hurts your downline. If I go to your site, and the only way that I can check out your business is to fill out a contact form which means you'll text me back or call me? (Please, no.) Or, I can take a class?

You’ll get leads that are:

  • Referrals from your existing members
  • People that workout already
  • The very brave

What you'll miss out on are people that have never worked out before in their life. Maybe they’re the sort of person who spends a lot of time at home behind their computer. In fact, maybe they kind of live vicariously through their computer as a way of checking the world out before they go anyplace. 

A simple way to solve or to connect these potential members with your gym is to create a lead nurture sequence, nothing crazy, a series of maybe four to six emails that talk about a lot of the same things you already have on your site, the things that you would assume such a person would spend their time looking at.

For all the time and energy we spent in building our sites... unfortunately, people just don't do spend time on them. But, if you can get somebody to give you an email, and agree to receive some preliminary emails from you, then you’ve got something. You can open a dialog.

You can send them emails that might help them, like about what to expect their first time going to the gym. They could read or listen to testimony from an existing member talking about their experiences. You could and should send them a text or video introduction to you. In fact, why not other team members, especially leaders amongst your team?

With a short nurture sequence, you can start to build some bridges of trust. With that in place, you can start asking for those prospective members to take action. Like, what about jumping on a phone with me and talking about your concerns about joining a gym? What would you think about meeting me at the gym for a private tour?

The sky’s the limit. You can craft a lot of different calls to action that ultimately lead towards getting to a place where you can then ask for a sale. But, if you don't start that through email through a person's inbox, what you're going to get is too many people bouncing off your site.

They may spend a second taking a look at what sort of features your gym offers, but they won’t dive deep as you’d imagine. It’s just not personal enough. Without that personal connection that email offers, you're mostly going to be losing opportunities.

If you have any questions about that, If you'd like to talk to me about how to make that happen for your gym, please shoot me a message.

 Damon Re Mitchell © 2021