Rationale: Own Your Own V1 Marketing Copy

Let’s talk about a rationale for you owning your first round of marketing copy; what the kids call V1 or version one.

We’re talking about that initial round of copy for any marketing that you would create should come from you, even if it never leaves your old beat up high school spiral bound notebook that you found in the back of the closet to write on. That's okay.

To answer the age old question: Should I DIY or should I contract? I say, do both.

But, first do it yourself. Then, contract.

You may mentally decide that writing is so far out of your core competencies that, in order to sit down and take the time to try would be a colossal waste of your time.

That's fine. I still say, try to do it with the help of somebody else, like a spouse or a partner, or even a team member who's good with a pen or a typewriter or computer. Have that person listen to you talk about the business, and take it as dictation. Even if you just get a bunch of scribbled notes on a page, it's something start with

If that's not an option, then you're in the contract camp. No shame in it, but I can tell you as a contractor for strategy and copywriting... I can tell you it's wildly more productive when a brand has made a go of it themselves for that first round. at least.

Your business: Your voice

Starting from zero is not really my gig. You don't want it to be my gig for good reason.

As the owner, as the founder of your business, most likely it is your voice that people who would use your service or buy your product... It's your voice that they want to hear. Therefore, you should establish the voice and tone.

Even if you ultimately decide that your first instincts on how to talk about your business need to evolve, you've at least identified that first version you've laid down the foundation. You know what changes you're willing to make. And, if you decide that it strays too far, from what matters to you, you'll always have that first version to go back to as a reference point.

There's also a value to developing your regard. What I mean by that is the process of talking about what matters to you comes easy to some people. For others, not so much.

Now, taking what you believe and feel, and putting those ideas down on paper? Well, that's a whole ‘nother bowl of noodles.

The value of trying to do it yourself is not necessarily to come up with a concrete resolution of, this is what the brand is going to sound like, but there's a huge value in developing your regard for the process. 

As you work through that, you come to understand how difficult that process of writing can be. This discovery will make you a better partner to anybody that you would contract.

The thing is, any writing is ultimately a process. While this might seem to be a task for you, [as in] Gosh, we need to... we need to get some texts on, on paper for our social media campaigns, or we need to create some email campaigns... being sensitive to and understanding how difficult that process can be insomuch as those first versions can ultimately be awful (so can second versions) it can take a few versions before you arrive at something you like.

Whether it's just you or you're working with a contractor, by trying to do it yourself, you'll be more understanding of that process. And you'll be a better contributor to the end product. You'll have a better end product.

Ultimately, think of it like knowing a little bit about construction. Say you've swung a hammer a few times. You know how to drive a nail into a board. Maybe you've done some sawing and some drilling.

Now you're not about to take (you might), but you're probably not about to take on building your own home, but when you contract somebody to build your home, You have an idea of expectations you could stay in and watch their work and not feel completely befuddled over what they're doing if they start doing something strange.

You can at least start asking the right questions to set your mind at ease about what's going on. It doesn't feel like a magic show to you. It's not magic. It's just good science and process.

By walking that proverbial mile in the shoes of your prospective future contractor, you'll be a better sounding board for that developing voice and tone as it evolves. Hopefully, the way it should work, is it should evolve into a voice and tone that sounds better than you would have made it sound yourself.

If you're at a place where you haven't even cracked the book yet, and you want some advice about how to get started, hit me up. I can help you get down that path and get started on your V1s.

Let's talk about your plan, and then when, and if, the time comes that you want some help on V2s, I'd be happy to help you out.



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