Phase 2 | Research

If you’re familiar with buying personas, those cute and creative projects marketing teams love to crank out in an effort to breathe life into your audience…

This isn’t that.

This is Real People Research; RPR.

That’s my acronym, but feel free to use it. Sure, we could build personas from data gathered on your actual customers. We could also sculpt life-sized statues of them.

But, some work is just busy-work.

Instead, I’ll reach out to your real-life customers via video chat to dig deep into their psyches. It’s called voice of customer (VoC) research.

I’ll also go recon, infiltrating the online spaces where they hang out to learn even more.

All of this because knowing what they want is the fastest route to delivering. Assuming we know is the fastest route to guessing.

Once that research is complete, we’ll be better equipped to provide them what actually moves them.


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