10 Reasons Why Painters Always Wear White (Psst, It’s Not What You Think)

All Seasons Uniforms, 2017

Attending a rock concert mandates wearing something black, a concert t-shirt or otherwise. Black is the unspoken color of rock n’ roll. Similarly, if it’s March 17, one wears green, even if she isn’t Irish. People wear red on Valentine’s Day, and team colors on game day.

Colors convey feelings too. Not all police wear blue, but folks would have a hard time with a police officer dressed in pink. On the other side of that coin, silly clowns turn into serious mimes when they lose the colorful clothes for serious black ones.

Simply put, there are moments in life, the right color is predetermined. Most of the time, folks have no idea why that is the color of the moment, but they go along with it anyway.

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