You’ve discovered one of my secret swipe copy pages. Congratulations and welcome. From time to time, I sneak these little Easter eggs into my site content. You’re a savvy reader.

Anyway, this sample is free to copy and paste as you see fit. You don’t even have to acknowledge that you swiped it from me. In some cases, you might only want to use the tone. Like I said, “as you see fit.”

That’s how I roll. I’m a giver.


Location History Email

As with the brand history email, this email could fit into a lead nurture sequence and your welcome sequence for new members with a few tweaks. You can repeat worthwhile information even without tweaks, but you should probably tweak it a little anyway. 

For this example, I’ve fabricated the whole thang.

︎ ︎ ︎

Hi [first name],  ︎ Shouldn’t need a default here. You’ve collected this in your lead form.

It’s Stacy, club manager for Fitsomuch, Ca. Welcome to our club. And by our, I mean the inclusive version. As far as I’m concerned, you are now one of us if you’ll have us.

Speaking for my whole team, we want you to feel welcome here. We’re gonna prove it to you.

In time, we’d like you to meet as many team members and club members as you’d like. If you prefer to be left alone, that’s fine too. It’s your club.

Fun fact: Our little 50,000 square foot home was once a printing press for the local newspaper.

You can still see the tracks on the ground where they use to shuttle paper and supplies. One thing’s for sure. The walls of this building could tell some stories.

We’ve been an operating as a fitness club for ten years now, and have been remodeled twice. Every remodel, we make sure to preserve the historic value of the building because it’s cool.

To prove that I’m serious about making you feel welcome, reply to this email with whatever you want.

Why don’t you tell me your biggest concern about joining our little family?

Yes, I will respond. It will be an email from a real human being. I certainly hope so. Otherwise, Mom and Dad are gonna have some ‘splaining to do. ︎

I hope to hear from you soon.


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