You’ve discovered one of my secret swipe copy pages. Congratulations and welcome. From time to time, I sneak these little Easter eggs into my site content. You’re a savvy reader.

Anyway, this sample is free to copy and paste as you see fit. You don’t even have to acknowledge that you swiped it from me. In some cases, you might only want to use the tone. Like I said, “as you see fit.”

That’s how I roll. I’m a giver.


Social Media Invite Email

This email could fit into a lead nurture sequence and your welcome sequence for new members with a few tweaks. You can repeat worthwhile information even without tweaks, but you should probably tweak it a little anyway. Tweaks are good.

For this example, I’ve fabricated the whole thang.

︎ ︎ ︎

Hi [first name],  ︎ Shouldn’t need a default here. You’ve collected this in your lead form.

It’s Stacy, the club manager again.

Many or our members also connect with us on social media. Facebook is the most popular.

In fact, we even have a couple of Facebook groups. One is specifically for newbies, as in someone who has never worked out seriously before. It’s a good place to start, even if you’ve done some working out.

There, you’ll meet other members getting into the groove. It’s an ideal place to coordinate for classes. Some of those you meet in there could turn into lifelong friends.

Remember, everyone — I mean EVERY ONE — was new at some point.

And it may not look like it, but even the most experienced members still worry about looking cool. They just hide it better.

Okay, the links you need are below. I hope to see you online. Yup. You’ll find me there too.


︎ Main club page. Definitely like this one.

︎ Newbies group

︎ Events group

︎ Our Twitter page which we use for general announcements and if Facebook is down.

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