Are we a good fit?

What sort of businesses do I work with? Do you own a gym or dues-based business? I’ll consider any business, but my passion is fitness.

Bottom line: You’ve gotta have a product or service that people want.

You know this because you have the members or customers and leads to prove it. But, you think there might be money being left on the table.

Ahem... You rang?

My process involves four phases to complete one round...

  1. Audit: Cracking open your current emails to fix them.
  2. Organize: So we talk to your customers at the right time.
  3. Research: To find out what your customers really want.
  4. Action: Your new emails go live to make you more money.

We can always run it back for more rounds in the future, which I will cover towards the bottom of this process packet.

You may also opt to only complete phase 1 if you want to complete the rest yourself, but I don’t generally recommend it.

Let’s get into this...


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