Phase 4 | Action

In this great-big-huge-super-important phase, I write, implement, and test your email sequences.

It starts with the words we use...


Copy matters. A lot.

As a certified copywriter, you’ll not convince me otherwise. So...

If your idea of copywriting is flowery words, um... unless you’re selling begonias, nope.

Big words are fun and fancy but the smallest words directed to the right audience at the right time speak libraries.

Pro tip: It’s probably more to do with the ways your products will benefit your customers and less about all the awesome features.

Nothing against begonias.

And nothing against features either. I love a good bell and whistle.

But, buyers want to know how products are going to make their lives so much better. That’s what we’re going to promote, the benefits of your products.


Armed with the research from above, I will load in your emails to properly reach your customers at the right time and place in the funnel.

There will be nothing for you to do as far as these emails go. I will set them to trigger at the right time, automatically, no monitoring required.


Automated emails, like the ones in your nurture sequences, seem like the sort that we turn on and leave to conquer the world.

That. Would. Be. Nice.

For at least a couple of weeks, I’ll want to watch your new sequences to see how they perform. I’ll make adjustments as necessary until they are flying the way I’ve designed them to fly.

Then the controls are all yours. Well, they always were. But now you have the whole cockpit to yourself. You can stretch out, order the fish, whatever you want. 

On second thought about the fish... 

Anyway, once the final payment is made you have full creative rights to everything you’ve received.


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